Global Organic cotton standard


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic cotton fibers worldwide. Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic cotton fibres can become certified according to GOTS. All chemical inputs s.a. dyestuffs and auxiliaries used must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. Most interesting thing for who are not aware about GOTS is that all cotton fibers grown as per GOTS standard are under Natural environment with natural fertilizers like cow dung and are free from all type of pesticides and chemicals.
Global Recycle standard


The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is intended for companies that wish to make a content claim on the amount of recycled material in the final product. This certificate is issued to only those person who are making fabric by recycle the fabric or any other material. Do you know that pet bottles are also recycled and used for making the fabric.



Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or Öko-Tex Standard 100 (sometime misspelled Oktex) is an independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of production (fibres, yarns, fabrics, ready-to-use end products, including accessories) along the textile value chain.

Organic Content Standard

The Textile Exchange, formerly known as The Organic Exchange, is a non-profit business organization focused on facilitating the growth of a global organic cotton industry.

Better Cotton Initiative

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a non-profit that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 24 countries worldwide. The initiative now represents around 12% of global cotton production worldwide.