Recycled fabric

Recycled fabric does not need any explanation, it’s name is sufficient to explain it’s importance for the environment and sustainability. Recycled cotton fabric is made by recycling old cotton cloths, due with which it has some other fiber content too like polyester and other content mixed in the process of recycling. Recycling is a vary important factor in today’s world which saves environment from harnessing new from it. Recycling not only saves pressure from generating new but also gives a break to entire chain of processing. As you already aware about that cotton is the most sustainable and environment friendly product for the nature and recycling it is a topping of the regular process like cherry on the ice-cream. recycling is not only reduce the waste, it also help us to learn how to make a new life from the dead. 

We are making various type of recycled cotton fabric from 250 GSM to 600 GSM quality. Generally recycled fabric comes in greyish tone.